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LED blinker notifications are a great way to stay informed about your mobile apps. But not all phones come with this feature built-in. With the LED Blinker Notifications Pro app, you configure LED notifications on your mobile, even if your mobile does not have this native capability.

Au Idées d'initiés, we will tell you everything you need to know about LED Blinker Notifications Pro, its features, functions, and how it improves LED blinker notifications. Keep reading to find out why this is one of the best apps to modify the lights on your phone.

LED blinker notifications app description


LED Blinker Notifications Pro is an app designed to customize the LED warnings on your phone. It was developed by German developer Mario Ostwald to allow advanced configuration of LED lights for notifications, even on devices that do not have this function built-in.

The app is compatible with the most recent versions of Android, including Kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie, and Android 10 onwards. It is optimized to work without problems on the latest cell phone models Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, and Motorola, among others.

The operation of LED Blinker is very simple. Once the app is installed, it can be configured so that each application on the phone, be it messaging, social networks, or calls, has its own LED flashing pattern with custom colors. For example, you can set the LED to flashing red for missed calls, green for WhatsApp, blue for Telegram, etc.

If your phone does not have LED hardware, the app uses the screen to very realistically simulate this flashing light effect. LED Blinker Notifications Pro offers options to adjust blinking speed, vibration, sounds, and everything necessary for the LED blinker notifications on your mobile.

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Principales caractéristiques

LED Blinker Notifications Pro It comes loaded with advantageous functions to configure your LED blinker notifications to the maximum. With this app, you can:

- Configure specific LED colors for each app: You can set a distinctive color for missed calls, social media alerts, messaging, etc. This way you will instantly know the type of alert just by seeing the color of the LED.

- Adjust flashing speed: Choose between fast or slow flashing as you like for each app.

- Add vibration and sound effects: Set vibration patterns and sounds that activate along with the LED light to reinforce the notification.

- Simulate LED on screen: If your phone does not have a physical LED, the app uses the screen to recreate the effect.

- Export and import settings: Save your custom settings for easy transfer to another device.

- Advanced options: As a widget, silent mode, message history, and more.

Comme vous pouvez le constater, LED Blinker Notifications Pro gives you a wide range of possibilities to customize your LED blinker notifications lights and take them to the next level. With just a few adjustments you can adapt them to your requirements.


LED Blinker Notifications Pro It is an application with great compatibility for different versions of Android and phone models.

This app works on the following operating systems:

• Android KitKat

• Android Lollipop

• Android Marshmallow

• Android Nougat

• Android Oreo

• Android Pie

• Android 10

• Android 11

• Android 12

• Android 13

It is also fully compatible with major Android phone manufacturers:

• Samsung (Galaxy S5 onwards)

• Xiaomi (Mi A2, Redmi Note, etc.)

• Huawei and Honor (P20, Mate 10, etc)

• Motorola (Moto G, Moto X)

• LG (G5, G6, etc.)

• Google Pixel

• OnePlus




It works correctly on both phones with native LED hardware and those that do not have this feature built-in. LED Blinker Notifications Pro is a highly compatible app that will allow you to enjoy custom LEDs on the vast majority of recent Android phones.

System Requirements

LED Blinker Notifications Pro It is available for Android on the Google Play Store. Requires at least Android 6.0 or higher to be installed. It has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times and has a 4.5-star rating from more than 6 thousand users.

The app is paid, currently priced at $3.65, and contains no in-app purchases or advertising. As we already mentioned, it was created by the German developer Mario Ostwald, a specialist in mobile apps.

LED Blinker Notifications Pro enjoys excellent popularity among its users, reflected in the number of downloads and high ratings in the Google Play store.

How to download LED Blinker

Download and install LED Blinker Notifications Pro in just a few steps. All you have to do is follow the following steps:

1. Enter the virtual store on your mobile device.

2. Type the name of the application in the search bar: LED Blinker Notifications Pro.

3. Select the app from the drop-down list and press the download button.

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Configuring LED blinker notifications

The operation of this application is very simple and intuitive. After installing LED Blinker Notifications Pro, just follow these steps to configure your custom LED notifications:

1. Click on the app and give it all permissions so it can control your notifications and LEDs.

2. Go to the “Applications” section and search for the app for which you want to configure LED. For example, WhatsApp.

3. Once inside WhatsApp, you can activate or deactivate the LED for that application with the switch.

4. If you activate it, all the existing options will be displayed: flashing speed, vibration, LED color, sound, etc.

5. Configure the LED to your liking by setting the desired color, speed, and effects. You can preview changes in real-time.

6. When you are done with WhatsApp, return to the applications list and repeat the process to adjust the other apps.

7. You can also set global LEDs for things like low battery, reminders, Bluetooth, etc.

8. Confirm or save the changes and that’s it. From that moment on, the app will show your personalized LEDs when you receive notifications.

It is a very direct process that will take just a few minutes. In a short time, you will have unique LED blinker notifications tailored to your liking for every occasion.

Notification models

This app allows you to configure eye-catching LED blinker notifications for practically any service on your phone. Some examples of notifications that you can customize are:

- Missed Calls: Assign a fast flashing red LED to highlight when you have a missed call.

- WhatsApp messages: Set a slow flashing green LED for your WhatsApp messages.

- Facebook Alerts: Assign a flashing blue LED for Facebook notifications.

- Email Alerts: Set a white LED strobe for new emails.

- Calendar reminders: Give your alerts and appointments a yellow LED that flashes every 10 seconds.

- Low battery: A solid red LED will alert you when your battery is about to run out.

- Bluetooth On Set a solid blue LED when Bluetooth is working.

The number of combinations is infinite. LED Blinker allows you to design the perfect LED pattern for every occasion based on your needs and preferences. Your LED blinker notifications will be the sensation of your circle of friends!!

Advantages over other similar apps

LED Blinker Notifications Pro stands out for offering a completely personalized LED notification experience, unlike other apps that have more basic and limited functions.

One advantage is the ability to set specific LED colors for each app installed on the phone. This allows you to instantly identify the type of notification received just by looking at the color of the flashing LED.

Another pro of this app is that you can simulate LED notifications on the screen, even on phones that do not have built-in LED hardware. Competing apps do not always include this functionality, which is essential for devices without a physical LED. LED Blinker recreates the visual effect very realistically through the screen, providing a complete solution.

Furthermore, this application stands out for its energy efficiency. Unlike similar options that can consume quite a bit of battery, LED Blinker Notifications Pro is optimized to have minimal impact on battery life, even when used for extended periods. This represents a substantial advantage for the user.

An important plus of LED Blinker is the possibility of exporting and importing settings between devices. This makes it easy to transfer your custom LEDs when you change phones, something few apps offer.

Opinions and ratings

Since its launch, LED Blinker Notifications Pro has gained popularity among users looking to customize their device’s LED blinker notifications. In general, this application is highly rated in app stores for its usefulness and ease of use.

Many users praise LED Blinker’s simple and intuitive interface that allows you to quickly configure custom LEDs for each application without complications. They also highlight that it allows you to adjust colors, flashing speed, vibration, and other effects to your liking.

Another frequently mentioned positive aspect is the app’s ability to simulate LED blinker notifications on the screen of phones that do not have this feature natively. Users report that the recreated effect is very realistic and effective.

Most opinions agree that LED Blinker Notifications Pro is one of the best options to get the most out of LED blinker notifications on Android devices. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to take their alert customization to the next level.

Customize your notifications with LED Blinker

LED Blinker Notifications Pro offers you an advanced and complete way to customize LED blinker notifications on Android. By simply downloading this app you can configure unique colors, effects, and LED patterns that perfectly adapt to your needs and preferences.

If you want to get the most out of your phone’s LED blinker notifications, give them a distinctive touch, and never confuse an alert again, LED Blinker Notifications Pro is undoubtedly a very good option. Try it and be surprised at the big difference it can make in your experience. And be sure to read our post on Idées reçues about How to Set a Song as a Ringtone on Your Phone.


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