Wie kann man die Schriftart in WhatsApp ändern?

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We recommend modifying the Font In WhatsApp to achieve maximum originality when writing. You do not need to use an illegal version; you only need to implement the application’s tools. At Insiderbits, we will explain the steps to give your texts a unique look.

Ways to transform the font in WhatsApp

The font in WhatsApp configured at the factory is basic and boring, so some users decide to adjust it to their tastes. You can use software to include particular elements; however, you can manually add specific features. These are the conventional ways to modify the appearance of this program.

  • Manually add scripts
  • Use software that alters words.
  • Configuration options pre-installed in the app

Wie Sie sehen können, these alternatives are versatile; However, it is worth clarifying that they are often confused. Some people decide to modify WhatsApp using external programs that change the writing of mobile devices.

The aforementioned is vital since these users make an error. So, if you convert the font on your mobile, this will not be reflected in the recipient’s application. For this reason, using the recommendations we mentioned previously is convenient.

What are the modification options?

It all depends on your tastes, as there are commands that allow access to many font styles. We will explain in detail the steps of each option so that you can enjoy a fresh style that captures the attention of all your contacts.

Manually add scripts

At Insiderbits, this is the most traditional alternative since you must manually enter the unique signs. You only have to place the characters that will cause the modification at the beginning and end of the text.

This method was previously used to modify WhatsApp so you could remember some patterns. This alternative is simple, but we will present each if you need help adding the symbols. Don’t forget that they may vary depending on your mobile device.

  • Bold. To use this command, you must place asterisks at the beginning and end of the phrases you will change and send.
  • Italics. Enter underscores to alter the font in WhatsApp and give your messages an elegant style.
  • Strikethrough. This is an unusual option, but many users prefer it. To try it, add little tildes between the sentences.
  • Monospaced. This is a remarkable and original form of writing. You must put three accents at the beginning and end of the selected messages.

You may feel uncomfortable having to enter scripts manually. In addition, you must remember them or have them registered to avoid inconveniences. But don’t worry; there are automatic options that will make the task easier.

Use word-altering software

It is a versatile alternative because it involves using a program that modifies the keyboards. The Font application is one of the most downloaded options on the Internet due to the number of fonts it offers. These are the steps to acquire and use this tool.

  1. Enter the PlayStore and install the software, as mentioned earlier.
  2. Now, you need to carry out the configuration. Click on the Enable “Aa Font Keyboard” box to be redirected to the virtual keyboards section.
  3. The next step is to click on the Switch to “Aa font keyboard” option to access the next section of the application.

These instructions are not complicated, so we are sure that you will be able to use the font you want in WhatsApp. Likewise, you can choose the height of the keyboard and the theme of your preference. The best is that your modifications will be reflected on the receiving devices.

Configuration options are pre-installed in the app

Only some people know how to give uniqueness to your WhatsApp. You only need to enter the text of your preference and shade it, and then the usable options will appear. There are four alternatives available:

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Strikethrough
  • Monospace

Each option fits many situations, so you can use them to write a unique format. However, despite its many benefits, its use will vary depending on your device’s operating system. But don’t worry, you have to get used to the interface.

User opinion

It is beautiful for those who have installed the programs that modify WhatsApp’s font. At Insiderbits, we value the creativity of our followers; therefore, we invite you to read more articles like this. It will improve your use of this application


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