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Die OSHA 500 course is designed for professionals from different areas. Such is the case of managers, supervisors, and security personnel who intend to be trainers in the construction sector. This is done through a specialized study that explains OSHA’s medical and safety guidelines.

In simpler terms, the 10-hour and 30-hour online courses will help you become a trainer in the building industry. This training will also give you extensive knowledge about specialized techniques for working in the most dangerous spaces. Below, we present some workshops to help you in your professional training.

Annual OSHA for Healthcare: Pathogen and Post-COVID Preparedness


Die OSHA 500 Annual Healthcare Course is one of the online courses required by OSHA. It includes blood-borne diseases, needle sticks, education, biomedical waste management, and PPE (personal protective equipment).  It is essential training for healthcare providers and COVID-19 coronavirus patients.

What will you learn with this training?

  • Health and occupational safety laws.
  • Needle sticks and blood-borne conditions.
  • PPE, airborne pathogens (COVID-19), education, and biomedical waste management.

Requirements for the course

To take the OSHA 500 course, you must work in healthcare.

What are the topics included in this course?

  • The mission of OSHA.
  • His story.
  • Occupational risks.
  • Engineering control.
  • Needle stick prevention and safety law.
  • Record of puncture injuries.

In addition, you will learn about other topics of great importance to becoming a great trainer.

Objectives of this training

  • Know the mission of health and safety laws for workers.
  • Understand the use and functions of OSHA regulations.
  • Identify the commitments and rights of personnel.
  • Learn about the compliance process.
  • Know the correct way to submit reports.

In that sense, many other objectives exist; everyone is relevant to your training. It is worth mentioning that this course is part of a series of 4 courses for mandatory federal projects. All to comply with medical care. These are as follows:

  • HIPAA Privacy.
  • HIPAA Security.
  • Introduction to healthcare compliance.
  • OSHA for healthcare.

This certification course is for providers and healthcare personnel according to OSHA requirements. It is also free, although you can opt for the paid version for more incredible benefits. Currently, many users have managed to benefit from the OSHA 500 course. So, please don’t wait any longer; be one of them, too.

OSHA Online Course for International Construction Employees

Die 30-hour International Construction course is an excellent alternative for personnel outside OSHA’s jurisdiction. Likewise, those who are not eligible for the course authorized by said entity.

Such training is for managers, supervisors, site managers, and staff with protection responsibilities. Its content includes OSHA procedures, building safety requirements, and specific safety lines.

OSHA Geographic Jurisdiction

Within this jurisdiction, they include:

  • USA
  • District of Columbia.
  • Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
  • Virgin Islands.
  • Among other regions. 

According to the rules implemented by OSHA, personnel who work in areas outside the jurisdiction cannot participate in authorized training. However, they can receive equivalent training with this course.

After completing the course, you will better understand the risks and dangers you can avoid in your workspace. Additionally, you will be able to lead various security initiatives.

Inhalt des Kurses

During training, you will gain extensive knowledge on various safety topics chosen by OSHA, including:

  • Introduction to OSHA.
  • There are dangers of falls, electrocution, blows, health, and being trapped.
  • Material handling.
  • Manual and power tools.
  • Prevention and protection against fires.
  • PPE.

We are talking about a comfortable, accessible, and practical course. Since it provides extensive knowledge and skills with which you can save lives in your workplace. This course is presented as follows:

  • Audio narration and interactive activities.
  • Real case studies.
  • Learning guides that you can download and print.
  • Access to the instructor to clarify any concerns.

It is essential to mention that, to complete this workshop, you must train for at least 30 hours and pass the exam for each segment. The culmination of this course consists of a final test of 20 questions.

The minimum score required is 70% in each evaluation. You can obtain your certificate of completion on the final exam. Remember that once you enroll in the OSHA 500 course, you must complete it within 180 days, costing $159.

Get your certificate

After you pass the final exam, you can receive and download your certificate of completion immediately. Likewise, you will get a digital card to print and take to your workplace. It will be proof of your training history.

Basic personal protective equipment

As is known, employers must provide their staff with the corresponding personal protective equipment and guarantee its use. Which is why it is crucial to take the PPE course. Remember that these instruments are used to avoid exposure to various dangers. This protective equipment includes items such as:

  • Gloves.
  • Protection for feet and eyes.
  • Earplugs or earmuffs.
  • Helmets.
  • Full body suits.
  • Respirators or face masks.

Remember that PPE is the last resort to control hazards, not the first option.

Course value

Die OSHA 500 course certificate has two costs, as you will see below:

  • Digital. $200.
  • Physical. $250.

Aspects to consider

  • The value of this course includes all shipping costs.
  • The digital certificate is sent within 24 hours once completed.
  • Physical certificates are sent to your residential city within 24 hours.
  • If you apply for the physical certificate, you will have free access to the digital one.
  • Regardless of the type of certificate, you will receive a pocket credential.

OSHA online courses are essential for training you as a trainer. So, if your plans include being one of them, at Insiderwissen, we recommend that you study which of these pieces of training best suits you.

Instruction for safety supervisors in the construction sector

Durch die OSHA 500 course Unterstructions for Construction Safety Supervisors, you will learn to master the four pillars of the Rigel Method. By the way, it was developed by the IAICB (Inter-American Agency for Inspection and Certification). These pillars are classified as follows:

  1. Regulations. It lasts one week and has 2 study lessons.
  2. Identification. Its duration is eight weeks, during which you will have 28 lessons.
  3. Management. It lasts one week, and you will receive 4 study lessons.
  4. Leadership. One week with five lessons.

Exclusive course package

By taking the OSHA 500 course, you will receive the exclusive package that consists of:

  • Mentoring. Martial Engineer Marques García will mentor you so you can enhance your career as a security professional.
  • Electronic certification badge. At the end of the training, you will get the Electronic Badge. You can add this to your resume and your social networks.
  • Terms in English and Spanish. You will acquire a document with more than 300 primary and vital terms to work in the construction sector.
  • Membership are in a single SSL resource forum. You will have access to the Private Consultation Forum via WhatsApp. Here, you can clarify doubts, share experiences, and network with other members for possible job opportunities.
  • Inspection and application package. The resource library contains manuals, standards, formats, spreadsheets, inspection presentations, and more.
  • First aid training. As a supervisor, you must act on time during possible emergencies. Therefore, you will receive adequate training here to achieve it satisfactorily.

If you decide on this course, remember you have two payment options: a single payment or four installments. Regardless of your choice, you’ll receive 100 hours of OSHA training and 24/7 access, plus other items of interest.

Training for professionals

As you have seen, the Online-Kurse OSHA requires are essential for professionals in certain areas. With the correct training, you will learn about various topics and will know how to act in possible risky situations.

Today, there are many workshops of this type, but the one required for the construction, health, or safety sector is the OSHA 500 course. Therefore, at Insidertipps, we invite you to look at other online courses that will give you more excellent knowledge and expand your resume.


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