Ten Free Online Physics Classes!

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Physics classes are the favorites of many passionate people about this exciting world. Physics captivates me because it can explain the universe’s functioning, from microorganisms to galaxies and everything in between.

The best news for physics lovers is that you can use free online courses to learn more. The Internet has allowed us to get closer to knowledge, and at Insiderbits, we present you with the best portals to learn.

What are the best online portals to participate in physics classes?


If you have been looking for free physics classes with flexible schedules, we have prepared the best courses for you at Insiderbits. You can enroll in these courses and watch the content in an online dynamic from any place and time.

Introduction to physics

This Coursera course introduces you to physics and contains eight modules that can be completed in 14 hours. You can complete these hours in a maximum of 3 weeks, so dedicating 4 hours a week would be enough. The schedule is flexible so that you can go at your own pace.

Fundamentals of Physics 1

The Fundamentals of Physics 1 course offered by Yale University is provided twice a week, divided into 75 minutes. With this course, you will be able to learn more about the fundamentals of physics, such as mechanics, relativity, and thermodynamics.


The astrophysics course will use astronomical observations, simulations, and theoretical models. All this is for the student to understand these extreme astrophysical processes in depth. It lasts a maximum period of 10 weeks, in which you can watch a minimum of 2 to 4 hours per week if you wish.

From the Big Bang to dark energy

This course is for beginners in the world of physics. It is 31 hours long and has a schedule that adapts to the student’s needs. In this course, you can study the most mysterious sides of the universe based on physics. It is taught by Coursera, one of the best platforms to receive physics classes

Introduction to electricity and magnetism

If you want to learn more about electricity and magnetism, we invite you to this course that offers 46 classes. There are more than 4 hours of video content and fascinating additional materials that you can access. The best thing is that this course was developed by a physicist who previously worked as an Operation Mission Analyst.

Theory of relativity

The theory of relativity course offers you an introduction to Einstein’s particular theory of relativity. Here, you will explore and learn more about the relativity of space and time, time dilation, and length contraction. It is a course with exciting physics classes that you cannot miss.

Quantum mechanics

The quantum mechanics course is among the most advanced courses on the list. Therefore, we recommend that you have previous experience in physics before enrolling. This way, it will be easier for you to understand the content. Among the lessons are wave functions and the Schrodinger equation.

Particle Physics

Coursera is offering this introductory course on particle physics. There are eight modules to learn about nuclei and particles. If you love physics and astronomy, you cannot miss the opportunity to enroll in this course for free. Its duration is only 40 hours.

Concepts and tools for university physics

The Concepts and Tools for College Physics course is ideal for assisting physics students during their physics class studies. With the nine modules presented in this 18-hour course, the student can learn about vectors, cross products, and dot products.

Physics, vectors, work and energy

In the physics, vectors, work, and energy course, you study in 5 modules and will have evaluations after each module. You will learn more about vectors, work, and kinetic energy. It is one of the most complete physics courses you will find on Coursera.

After completing these ten free courses, you will earn a digital certificate. As you can see, some are for beginners in physics knowledge, while others have much more advanced content, ideal for connoisseurs.

How can I sign up for these educational platforms?

First, you should enter these websites; once inside, you must create your account. Registration will take just a few minutes, and they only ask for personal information such as your first name, last name, email, and country. The system will send you a confirmation email, which you must accept from your email inbox.

What are the benefits of registering for online physics classes?

One of the most significant benefits of online physics classes is the flexibility offered. You can choose what times work best for you to learn and how much time you want to dedicate to each topic. Most platforms provide self-paced courses, so you can go as fast or slow as possible.

Another benefit is accessing these courses for free and obtaining a legal certificate. However, it is essential to mention that most course platforms require payment to deliver the final certificate. However, if you are interested in learning and not obtaining a degree, you can take advantage of all the benefits of online physics classes without paying.

Learn more about physics in a free online course.

Learning physics is fascinating. Decades ago, it was challenging for many to study it, but now it is different. You now have the tools and facilities to learn each physics lesson thoroughly. Starting with an online physics course may be your best option. Try any platform that we have taught you.

At Insiderbits, we invite you to visit our blog, where you will find an app for scholarships. If you’re going to study a physics-related career at university, you can search for options in the digital application Scholly. Share this information with friends or family who are also interested in physics.


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