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Are you looking for suitable Herbalist Courses? Then, you must surely be passionate about medicinal herbs and plants. Luckily, a wide range of Online Courses deals with this topic. Insiderbits brings you some of them so that you become an expert in using plants to fight diseases and stay healthy.

Herbalist Courses: What is herbalism, and what is it for?

Herbalism is nothing different from using the healing properties of plants in medicine. By 2005, it was estimated that plant-based medicines represented a quarter of those offered on the market. Among them, morphine, atropine, digitoxin, quinine, and cocaine stand out.


The history of herbalism in America dates back long before the discovery of this continent. Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans made significant advances in herbal medicine. These people used botany to improve the health of their members.

The above was possible because of these communities’ deep knowledge of local plants and their ability to appropriate their herbal expertise amid confrontations with neighboring towns.

3 Herbalist Courses that you need to know

Next, from Insiderbits, we will show you 3 Herbalist Courses that will undoubtedly enrich your knowledge on the subject. You must enroll in these online courses to become an expert.

Herbal Course from Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism

The Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism offers various Online Courses on medicinal plants. Among them, the course stands for Botany for Herbalists. It is a pedagogical tool that will allow you to discover what type of botanist/herbalist you are. This course offers a fun, accessible introduction to herbalist botany. It is taught by experts Matthew Wood and Jolie Elan.

Among the Herbalist Courses, this one stands out for giving you the tools to know the plants around you in-depth. This way, you can distinguish, for example, whether a particular plant is California ginseng, cow parsnip, or poison hemlock.

Likewise, you can learn about the healing properties of different plants and whether or not they are in danger of extinction. Returning to the previous example, did you know that California ginseng is used to relieve lung congestion? Well, with this course you will learn that and many more things.

Course Features

We already reviewed the subject of this exciting teaching material. Now, it is convenient to list some of its characteristics. This way, you can decide if you dare to see it.

  • Matthew Wood, its creator, is an expert in ethnobotany.
  • The course is free.
  • It consists of 3 lessons and 2 hours of video content.

We must specify that this course is an introduction to the topic. If you want to access its full version, it costs $520. It consists of 72 lessons and 30 hours of video content. On the other hand, this extended version of the course includes:

  • Support materials. It encompasses a detailed syllabus, reading assignments, online resources, and highly entertaining labs.
  • Ability to view and review content, ask questions, and discuss topics.
  • Twenty-six hours of in-depth tutoring from the course creators.

The topics covered in this full version of the course are very varied. For example, it delves into botanical ecology. Also, in botanical nomenclature and plant taxonomy, among others. As you can see, this is one of the most complete Herbal Courses that exist..

CommonWealth Holistic Herbalism Course

The CommonWealth Holistic Herbalism Online Courses are also worth your attention. In particular, we suggest the course called Herbal Study Tips. It is a teaching tool to learn about herbalism more easily. The best thing is that you can apply these acquired concepts in your daily life. Regarding the characteristics of this course, we can say that:

  • It Is free.
  • 110 lessons.
  • 4.5 hours of video content.

Along with the videos, this educational platform offers other options that adapt to the learning methods of each user. In this way, the possibility is opened for them to internalize the contents more easily. Among these options, the following stand out:

  • Lifetime access so users can check the contents as often as possible.
  • Live and weekly question and answer sessions. These sessions are archived for later consultation.
  • Ability to ask questions in the discussion forum at any time. 
  • They guarantee a response within the next 24 hours.
  • PDF materials to download and print.

Finally, we must mention the downloadable MP3 files—tools that significantly support your learning process. These reasons make this one of the Herbalist Courses you should consider.

Free School Herbalist Course

The Herbalist Free School platform offers Online Courses that will guide you through herbalism. All of these classes are open to the public and have no cost. Today, we are going to mention the Herbal Medicine Making Course.

You have to log in to this course to plunge into the fascinating universe of herbal medicine. You will also learn different skills and techniques to take advantage of medicinal plants’ advantages. It is an ideal course for beginners where you can go at your own pace. Among its teaching tools, we can mention:

  • Videos and demonstrations.
  • Instructional brochures.
  • Worksheets for preparing medicines.
  • Delicious recipes.

It is one of the most practical Herbalist Courses available. Next, we will expand on its content and topics addressed.

Course content

This free course covers various techniques and preparations for making medicines. In total, six main themes run through the content of this learning tool:

  • Make tincture. It includes maceration of both fresh and dried plants.
  • Alcohol-free extraction.
  • Water medicine. Everything related to infusions, decoctions, syrups, and hydrotherapy is studied here.
  • Oil-based medicine.
  • Herbal distillation.
  • Herbal candies.

As a complement to these basic concepts, the course will also teach you how to build and maintain an herbal pharmacy. For this, the herbalist dispensary will be used as a starting point. You will learn about labeling, bottle cleaning, organoleptic, etc.

Be sure to try the best free Herbalist Courses

The world of medicinal plants and herbs is fascinating. The courses we presented today will undoubtedly make you an expert in this field. Insiderbits always brings you the most relevant information on this and other topics. That is why we invite you to our website to consult exciting.


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