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Do you want to provide pre-hospital medical care? Online EMT courses can give you the information required to become an Emergency Medical Technician.

In these accessible paths, the EMT expert can make the difference between a patient’s life and death. This training certification allows you to work in various healthcare settings. Keep reading to discover how to experience the true challenge and excitement of being an EMT expert.

What to expect from free EMT courses?


EMT paths provide specific knowledge in the health area and develop the ability to deal with various circumstances. This is why the EMT is an outstanding professional in case of accidents, illnesses, and other disasters.

In addition, these online programs can also help those looking to grow in the health field. An EMT certificate is just a start to specializing in emergency medicine or other branches of the medical sector: paramedics, nurses, respiratory therapists, or medical assistants.

Certificate with the two best free online EMT courses

EMT courses require much more than dedication. It is a training full of passion and hard work. These professionals are the first to offer medical assistance in situations such as accidents, heart attacks, strokes, and shootings, among others.

In addition, they are trained to assess, stabilize, and transport patients to the nearest healthcare center. Likewise, they can communicate clearly with other health professionals, including paramedics, nurses, and doctors. They can even document and argue their procedures and observations efficiently.

EMT Fundamentals Course

It is one of the online paths that does not require prior experience for enrollment. The University of Colorado offers the EMT Fundamentals path, which is available in the Coursera app.

With a flexible schedule and a duration of 14 hours, the participant will learn from wherever they want and at their own pace. It consists of 5 modules that will give you a comprehensive introduction to emergency services. Therefore, it is possible to delve deeper into the following contents:

Module 1. Introduction to the Emergency Medical Technician

The student will know everything about emergency services, from the SME’s history to the medical system’s components. We discuss the medical and legal aspects of prehospital medicine and address workplace safety issues. With eight videos, seven readings, and two quizzes, participants will expand their learning and evaluate their knowledge.

Module 2: Basic Human Anatomy

This content is developed in approximately 2 hours, enough time to cover all the basic terminology and the fundamentals of human anatomy. It imparts knowledge about the musculoskeletal, abdominal, cardiovascular, neurological, pulmonary, and endocrine systems.

Includes 11 videos, 2 readings, and 1 quiz that test understanding and learning about the human body.

Module 3: Communication with the healthcare provider

Communicating is vital for emergency medical services. This 2-hour module covers the various areas requiring strategic, clear, and precise communication.

We apply the SBAR method in this order to deliver reports and offer strategies for successful communication with patients and other professionals. The material to address this module consists of 10 videos, 3 readings, and a questionnaire.

Module 4: Taking vital signs and history

In two hours, the teaching associated with vital signs is covered, including understanding why they are essential. The participant will learn to measure blood pressure, pulse, and heart rate and assess the patient’s skin.

On the other hand, he will learn to take the history in a direct encounter with the patient, considering specific standards for it. This moduleThis module includes the AMPLE and OPQRST history-taking templates. Its content is distributed in 10 videos, 5 readings, and a questionnaire.

Module 5: Immediately after arriving at the scene

It is the last part of the course, where the essential components of emergency medical services are addressed. 14 videos, 3 readings, and 2 quizzes provide tips for maintaining safety at the scene.

At the end of this path, the Emergency Medical Technician will know how to communicate with patients and have all the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a complete patient evaluation.

In this sense, you will be able to obtain a professional certificate that will allow you to work in any field available to EMTs. Furthermore, it is necessary to mention that this sequence is part of the specialized program. It means that you are automatically enrolled in the program when you enroll in this.

DIY Emergency Medical Services Course

An ambulance may take 5 to 8 minutes to arrive, but an EMT professional can save a life in less than 3 minutes. Hence, the DIY Emergency Medical Services course is crucial because it focuses on the procedures and tools necessary in an emergency.

It explains how to perform an examination, perform CPR, and use equipment such as a defibrillator to stabilize the heart rhythm. In this sense, it is first aid training for minor and major emergencies.

This online program consists of two modules. The first offers informative content, while the second aims to evaluate the participant’s learning with tests and questionnaires.

In this compendium, the participant learns how to plan for an emergency and call the EMT Emergency Medical Service. Likewise, they may care for an unconscious victim, providing first aid before being transferred to the medical assistance center. For this, the following contents are taught:

  • First aid protocols.
  • Medical assistance services.
  • The inconsistent victim.
  • Heart attack and suffocation.
  • Bleeding and shock.
  • Summary of first aid protocols.

Upon completing this program, you can perform CPR on people with respiratory problems or recognize a victim. Likewise, you will know what to do with a heart attack patient and how to handle someone who is drowning. On the other hand, you will be trained to identify the types of bleeding and their dedicated treatment.

The Emergency Medical Technician will be ready to obtain the professional certificate that accredits him as such. At Alison Empower Yourself, you can explore this and other EMT courses for free.

Reasons to opt for online EMT courses

Training with EMT programs and becoming certified as an Emergency Medical Technician is not only a rewarding career, but they are usually the first contact with people who require quick attention before arriving at the healthcare center. Therefore, it is defined as a profession with a purpose.

Some of the reasons you probably want online paths to become an EMT are:

  • You make a difference in the community. As an EMT, you have the opportunity to serve people who are in pain or suffering. In addition, you will acquire knowledge to console, reassure, and provide calm until you reach the place where you will be treated. Likewise, you will be able to monitor their behavior and reactions.
  • You will develop particular skills. An EMT is trained to perform essential life support, such as CPR, wound treatment, splinting, and oxygen placement. Likewise, you will learn to manipulate equipment such as stretchers, defibrillators, and radios.
  • Will apply medical knowledge. EMT courses offer a solid foundation in anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pharmacology. Likewise, you will develop critical thinking for problem-solving, communication, and teamwork.
  • Diverse and flexible professional experience. There are several choices for an Emergency Medical Technician. Thus, you can explore various urban, rural, or remote fields. Specializations in traumatology, cardiology, pediatrics, or geriatrics are even possible.
  • A stimulating and vigorous work environment. Dynamism is always guaranteed. As an EMT, you will face many daily challenges and situations and work with many people (patients, family members, bystanders, firefighters, police officers, and other health professionals). In addition, you will experience a series of emotions and sensations in different scenarios.

These are just a few reasons to consider when enrolling in free EMT courses. Of course, this profession also involves difficulties and risks, such as stress, injuries, fatigue, and even disease exposure. But if you are passionate about helping others, this career is definitely for you.


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