The best investment apps to start your financial journey

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If you feel that you are successfully starting your business, you need to keep in mind investment apps. These help you to make your way in the world of finance and for everything to continue going well, it is imperative to maintain a level of organization.

Don’t lose your head trying to plan your expenses, control your income, and schedule your pending payments; Technological advances are once again on your side. Yes, in our digital age, it is possible to have investment applications that will make your daily work life easier.


If you are interested in improving or maintaining the good state of your finances, we invite you to review the best investment applications that Insiderbits brings you. Keep reading and discover how to take care of your businesses effectively.

What are investment apps, and what is their importance?

As their name indicates, the primary objective of investment apps is to provide you with the necessary advice so that you can manage either the assets of your business or your personal finances. At Insiderbits, we present you with the tools required to ensure your company’s good health and proper functioning.

This type of software is ideal for the correct management of your cash flow and also provides you with the necessary advice when launching your investments or establishing control of expenses, all of the above centralized on your mobile device.

Having access to your finances from anywhere makes it easier for you to make any move you plan to make. In short, these tools are highly relevant support for any entrepreneur, especially if you are starting on your financial journey.

These applications give you a clear overview of your company’s current position. Only in this way can you correctly establish the north where you should direct your business.

Learn about the best investment apps that exist.

We appreciate technological advances in all aspects of life, particularly in the world of business, the topic that concerns us. However, it is necessary to be able to define among so many available options which financial applications have what is needed to consider them as the best that exists in the economic area.

For this reason, at Insidertbits, we have tasked you to select the top of the three best financial applications available. We have carried out this selection based on the score they have obtained from their users and their average downloads.

Acorns: Save & Invest

Acorns It is positioned as one of the most efficient investment applications, backed by an excellent score and a high download average. The remainder is automatically invested in funds, which translates into a new way of saving. 

Main features

One of the most notable functions of this app is to round up the final amount of each of your purchases. Let’s see another characteristic:

•  It has a score of 4.6 stars.

•  Average downloads 10M+

•  Automatic investments in ETF portfolios suggested by experts in the field.

•  Easily customize your investments with a Bitcoin-linked EFT.

•  List of more than 100 companies for possible investments.

•  Investment of the round-up made in each of your purchases.

•  Arcons Early offers you the possibility of investing in your children’s future with UTMA/UGMA accounts for children.

•  It includes the GoHenry option, consisting of a debit card and a learning application for children to teach the little ones to develop business skills.

•  You can prepare for retirement with IRA investment options through the plans Traditional, SEP, and Roth.

•  Acorns checking account and debit card.

•  Emergency fund.

•  Rewards when purchasing products from the more than 15,000 brands in the app.

•  Educational content on finances, with tips to make your money grow, new investment strategies, how to save, and expense control, among others

•  It allows you to save a portion of each paycheck used automatically.

Disadvantages of the application

Not everything about this app is positive. It’s essential to consider some of its negative characteristics.

•  Some users comment that the application interface is quite complicated.

•  Failures in synchronizing available savings.

•  Non-English-speaking users suggest including other languages.

•  Being a paid application, it is out of reach for some people.

•  The app’s camera does not allow you to take good-quality photos.


Mint: Budget & Track Bills

The second of the best investment apps on our list is Mint: Budget & Track Bills. This app offers you the possibility of managing your money in an easy and new way. Achieve your proposed objectives by preparing custom budgets.

Main features

Learn to develop financial habits like the most experienced businessman discovering its advantages.

•  Control of transactions and updated account balances.

•  Monthly expense control.

•  Expenses tracker.

•  Pending invoice notifications to avoid additional charges for late payments.

•  Fund tracking is available in cash, credit cards, investments, loans, etc.

•  With subscription management, the application notifies the user about upcoming payments and when any subscription increases in price.

•  Daily expense budgets.

•  Suggestions and advice on budgets to achieve the proposed goals.

•  Real-time monitoring of account balances and credit scores obtained.

•  Registration of personalized financial goals according to the possibilities of each user.

•  It includes a budget calculator.

•  It offers a refund tracker.

•  Compatibility with other platforms for investing in cryptocurrencies.

•  Possibility of obtaining mortgage loans or financing through Rocket Mortage, a Mint partner company.

•  Regularly update security measures to keep your finances safe.


•  The application is available only in the English language.

•  Some users comment that the application should offer more instructions for beginners, as it becomes a little complicated to understand at first.

•  Failures in synchronizing bank accounts.

•  The application cancellation process is tedious for some former users.


Robinhood: Stocks & Crypto

To close our top 3, we present the tool Robinhood. The third and no less critical of our best investment applications promises to help you manage your money as you usually do, that is, your way. This app provides you with a global view of your earnings and expenses. It is advantageous in stock trading.

Main features

•  Advice on stock trading.

•  Counterparts of 1% on contributions made and reinvestments and transfers executed.

•  You can manage your stocks and EFT commission-free.

•  Possibility of small and large-scale investments, according to each user’s profile.

•  Advanced graphs of trends in investments made.

•  Instant deposits of large amounts.

•  You can obtain investment margins with competitive rates.

•  Real-time insights from Nasdaq Level II data and Morningstar research.

•  It offers a free 30-day trial.

•  Robinhood Cash Card.

•  It refunds when purchasing offers from sponsoring brands.

•  2% rebates on eligible gas and grocery purchases.

•  Cryptocurrency operations are commission-free.

•  Expert advice at a time of your convenience.

•  Stock market news and trends.

•  It offers its users financial lessons.


•  Advanced features are available in the paid version, called Robinhood Gold.

•  Available only in the English language.

•  Some users report that customer service is inferior.

•  Does not offer wallet service for cryptocurrencies.

•  Failures and delays during the registration process.


Find the investment apps that best suit you.

If you have already been in the world of investments for some time or if, on the contrary, you are starting from scratch, we hope we have helped you with our article to find the best investment apps for you.

As we have mentioned, the most important thing is that you control your finances to see your business flourish or take care of your income.

Stay up to date with all our publications. At Insiderbits, you will always find quality content focused on various topics of interest. If you want to continue delving into finances to continue your financial journey successfully, visit other articles we have prepared for you. Keep in touch!


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