DIY Design: Graphic Design Apps for Non-Designers

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Did you know that today, graphic design applications are within your reach to enhance your creativity and DIY skills? So that’s it! With these, you can improve your DIY design capabilities, achieving quality and beautiful visual content. So, if you are interested in the topic, stay with us, and let’s see what it is about.

1.  Desygner: Graphic Design Maker

We first have Desygner: Graphic Design Maker, considered the best and easiest to operate. It has been recognized by spaces such as Google, Forbes, Product Hunt, Social Media Examiner, and Terra.

Tools contributed by Desygner: Graphic Design Maker

Among the elements provided by this outstanding graphic design application, we have:

• Full access to millions of images, fonts, and even professional icons, all copyright-free.


• Very powerful AI functions to design highly creative visual content, it is even integrated into ChatGPT. It will allow you to create copies whenever you want.

• Countless templates to save your editing work, which you can modify to give it your personal touch.

• Special Premium features like PDF editor, background remover, and advanced animations

• Possibility of programming to publish on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

• Ability to print your designs from your Smartphone.

• Possibility to create and modify on the fly from your Smartphone, computer, or tablet.

What can you do with Desygner: Graphic Design Make?

There are numerous possibilities for creativity, even for your DIY design using this standout among graphic design applications. Among them you can do:

• Graphics for social networks and ad design.

• Business Essentials and promotional materials.

• Music and podcast illustrations, even as digital marketing assets.

• Logo designs and photo collages.

• Professional documents.

• Invitations and cards.

• Special seasonal designs.

• Magazine covers.

• Planners and boards

• Postcards and greeting cards.

In addition to what has been said, if you opt for its Pro version, you have a significant extra benefit. Well, you can invite up to 5 of your contacts to enjoy its benefits for free.


2.  Canva: Design, Photo & Video

If you want to edit photos and videos and create logos for free using a single application, at Insiderbits, we affirm that Canva: Design, Photo & Video is for you. This is one of the graphic design applications that offers you outstanding tools, as you will see.

Photo Editor

In the photographic area, it gives you tools to:

• Crop, flip, and edit images.

• Adjust brightness, saturation, and contrast, among others.

• Autofocus.

• Blur background.

• Incorporate texts into images.

• Grid, filter, and collage elements.

Video Editor

In the video area, it offers you:

• Produce professional videos.

• Explore image layout and audio tracks.

• Make cuts and size changes, among others.

• Minimize images.

Overlay of musical audios with special sound effects and voice-overs.

In the area of social media

In terms of social media, it also stands out among graphic design applications for allowing you to:

• Make designs for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn.

• Plan, through its Pro service, your publications with Scheduler.

• Create banners for ads and thumbnails.

• With the Collage Creator, you can work on your images and videos.

Library with free content

With Canva, you will have the following:

• More than 2,000,000 copyright-free images and filters.

• Thousands of video graphics elements without watermark.

• Just over 25,000 audio tracks.

• More than 500 fonts to place texts on images.

• Possibility of creating your images.

And if the above were not enough, there are also improvements in the Visual Suite design. It is to take its capabilities to a higher level through AI. All this makes it one of the best graphic design applications.

Android & iOS

3.  Logo Maker Design Logo Creator

Logo Maker Design Logo Creator is a graphic design application specializing in logos. With this tool, you can generate logos for brands and trade names. Logo creators especially value it in spaces such as YouTube and social networks.

Elements of interest

Some of the tools corresponding to this application include:

• More than 5,000 logo and icon elements.

• Colors and patterns for your blog logo, with your image, even with a transparent background.

• At least 100 font styles. You can add fonts and text effects and create artistic content, slogans, symbols, labels, and icons.

• Collection of iconic element shapes, 3D stickers, emblems, symbols, and abstract images.

• Graphic design editor, image filters, 3D rotation system, and more.

• Templates to facilitate your logo design, among others

Finally, it is worth noting that it has enough elements to design your posters, brochures, banners, and even watermarks.

In the area of professional design

This design tool for creativity offers you professional elements, such as:

• Logo creator for YouTube companies, WhatsApp groups, and social networks such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook profiles.

• Logo generator for electronic sports for players and even game avatars.

• Logo designer for websites and blogs.

• Produced watermarks on images and PDFs and 3D logos for videos, brochures, banners, and posters.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most outstanding graphic design applications, as we saw in Insiderbits. Using it lets you unleash your creativity to generate visual content, even linked to DIY design.


4.  Poster maker, Flyer banner ads

Another highly rated and accepted graphic design application is Poster Maker, Flyer banner ads. It has essential characteristics that we will address shortly.

App tools

Among the elements that you can create here include:

• Poster designs for brochures, invitations, and advertisements, among others.

• Animated poster and video templates.

• Photo background suppressor.

• Editing ad content on videos and elements for creating photographs and images.

• Over a million stickers with animation and background.

• More than 10,000 images of textures, stickers, and backgrounds.

Using a keyword in the search engine, such as “birthday,” you will have many design options. Once It is done, background images, stickers, and invitation templates will appear in video format.

Use tools

Here, you have a variety of elements, all in one, among which it is worth highlighting:

• Poster and brochure generator.

• Editing system for advertising-type videos.

• Automatic photo background remover.

• Advertisement generator.

• Templates for sales brochures and folders for them.

• Birthday invitations and other events such as weddings or parties.

• Generator of musical posters and templates of this type.

• Collage maker with photos and photographic posters.

They also feature banners and posters to post on Facebook, Instagram, and digital marketing. It is a very versatile tool at the service of your creativity.


5.  Adobe Capture: Illustrator, Ps

2016 MediaPost Appy Award Winner, Adobe Capture: Illustrator, Ps, is also an excellent option. It can turn your Android phone or tablet into a standout tool for graphic design applications. In addition, it is compatible with programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Fresco, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop, among others.

Regarding its colors

• Elements for color matching.

• Color selector.

• Color and font finder.

In the area of photographs and images

• Photos to draw.

• Image shapers, even degradable.

• Vector section.

• Pixel cuts.

• Photo gallery.

• Mask.

• Blurred image.

• 3D image creator.

• Pencil image erasers.

Regarding the sources

• Source finder.

• Pixel cutting.

• Geometric patterns.

Instruments related to the fund

• Background drafts.

• Background suppressor and modifier.

• Instrument to blur background.

• Background editor.

Apart from the above, you will have Canva design photography videos, digital cameras, and photo studio elements.


Will you use graphic design applications?

Any of these graphic design applications will help your creativity. They will help you practice DIY design with valuable visual content. And it doesn’t matter if you are still inexperienced because, with these, you will begin a path that could lead you to be a professional in the area.

Even if you want to learn more about graphic design techniques, Insiderbits gives you a link. It will take you to an article that can give you more knowledge.


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