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Do you need to find free parking when you go out to eat, shop, or on a date? Insiderbits presents you with the five best apps to do it no matter where you are. Keep reading! Today, you will know these great apps to save time and money in your day-to-day life.

Find free parking using these five best apps

Apps to find free parking are a great help for every driver. They allow you to quickly locate where there are available places, avoiding having to search by driving in circles.


These apps constantly update the convenience of spaces in streets or parking lots. They save stress, parking meter expenses, and fines for exceeding time limits. They’re the most innovative way to park out on the town. To find free parking near you, try the next ones:

SpotHero – The app to see and book free parking 

Are you in quest of a complete application to locate and even reserve free spaces to leave your car in the United States? SpotHero is an excellent choice, with 4.5 stars on the Google Play Store.

SpotHero has an extensive database with over 6,000 cities in the U.S., And it includes ample options and streets with free places available.

How does SpotHero work?

Using GPS, the app detects your location and shows all the points available for free spaces near you on an interactive map. By selecting a place on the map, you’ll be able to see details like: 

  • The exact address to enter with your vehicle.
  • Calculate walking distance to your final destination.
  • Specific days and hours when parking is free.
  • Time limit before requiring to move the car.
  • Access directions and parking policies.

Finally, you’ll be able to see verified reviews and ratings from other drivers. Once you have chosen your place, you can book your free place in advance from the app to have it guaranteed upon arrival.

Benefits of SpotHero

The main advantages offered by SpotHero are:

  • Huge directory of free parking in U.S. cities and airports
  • Book in advance 100% free places.
  • Save money by avoiding paid garages.
  • Filters by distance, type of place, rating, etc.
  • Coverage at significant airports and attractions.
  • 24/7 customer support via in-app chat.
  • Available in web version and iOS and Android applications.
  • Free, no ads or hidden fees

Whether traveling to another city or living in the USA, SpotHero will help you find and book 100% free parking spaces. With its extensive database and intelligent filtering, it makes it easy for you to park without additional costs.

Android & iOS

BestParking – Locate free parking or book at the best price

Another app to find free parking in any city in the United States is BestParking. It is an excellent choice, with 4.4 stars in the Google Play Store.

This application helps you quickly locate the best free parking options, not only on public roads. Also, in public garages according to your current location.

How does BestParking work?

When you open BestParking, the app will automatically detect your current location. It will then display a map with all the free parking spots around you. 

You can see where the nearest free car parks are located within a radius of up to 5 kilometers. By tapping on a marker on the map, a tab will be displayed with all the details of the parking lot:

  • The exact address to enter with your car. 
  • Precise walking distance to your destination.
  • Days and times when parking is free.
  • The time limit allowed before requiring movement.
  • Indications and particular policies of the place.

Also, you can view the comments and ratings of other users to provide you with greater security. Additionally, you can request turn-by-turn navigation directions to any selected car park directly from the app.

Benefits of BestParking

Some of the main advantages offered by BestParking are:

  • A massive database of free parking throughout the country.
  • Filter by type of place, maximum distance, time limit, amenities, etc.
  • Get built-in breadcrumbs without leaving the app.
  • Guide with tips, discount codes, and tricks to save in garages.
  • Free, without ads or in-app purchases.

Keep your history of searches and favorite parking. Are you going on a trip to another city or want to park for free close to home? BestParking is the ideal application to find the best options and save money quickly. With tens of thousands of free car parks in its database, this app is a must-have for every driver.               

1 M+

SpotAngels – The No1 app in augmented reality to find free parking

With a 4.3-star rating on the Google Play Store, SpotAngels is the leading app in using augmented reality to find parking spots. This innovative application revolutionizes the search for parking with its advanced visual and interactive technology.

How does SpotAngels reinvent the search for parking?

What makes SpotAngels unique? It is augmented reality to guide the driver intuitively to available parking spots near their location. Using your phone’s camera, the app detects the street where you are. 

Once done, it superimposes indicators, arrows, and 3D markers over the live view. Finally, point out where parking meters, garages, and free parking spaces are located.

The app combines GPS accuracy with real-time parking information. This way, it manages to show only the viable options around you. This innovative technology turns searching for where to leave your car into a convenient and different visual experience.

How does SpotAngels work step by step?                                                        

Using SpotAngels to find parking is simple and intuitive. You have to follow a few steps, and you will have marked the route to go to the park without further complications. 

  • Open the app when you arrive at your destination.
  • You point your phone’s camera at the street.
  • You’ll see arrows and 3D markers hovering above the live view, indicating available places to park your car.
  • Tap a bookmark for prices, hours, payment methods, and reviews.

SpotAngels will guide you to your chosen site in real time with visual instructions. Finally, please park your car and efficiently use the app to find it later.

Benefits of SpotAngels

SpotAngels offers several advantages over traditional parking apps:

  • 100% visual interface to find places fast.
  • Find parking meters, garages, and free parking spaces.
  • A.R. shows only viable options near you in real time.
  • A 3D step-by-step guide to each parking lot.
  • Help locate your vehicle after parking.
  • Alerts about parking meters to expire and new spaces available.
  • Compatibility with augmented reality glasses.

If you’re looking for a more advanced, visual, and interactive way to find where to park, SpotAngels is the perfect app for you. Its innovative augmented reality technology simplifies the search and reduces the stress of parking in the city.

100 mil+

Parkopedia Parking – The app to find and book free parking anywhere

Are you looking for an app with the most extensive nationwide coverage to see and book free parking spaces? Then Parkopedia is the best option. With thousands of car parks in its database, this excellent app helps you save money on your next trips.

How does Parkopedia work?

With 3.9 stars, Parkopedia has the largest directory of free and paid parking in more than 15,000 U.S. cities. The app shows all available parking spots near you using your real-time location. When selecting a car park on the map, you can see important details such as:

  • Address and exact location.
  • Walking distance to your destination.
  • Hours when it is free and fees if applicable.
  • Number of places available.
  • Access instructions and policies.
  • Comments and ratings from other users.

Once you have chosen your free parking, you can reserve your place in advance from the same application. This way, you will have it guaranteed upon arrival. As its name suggests, it is the encyclopedia of car parks to make your life easier. 

Key Benefits of Parkopedia

The advantages of using Parkopedia are:

  • Find free parking in any city in the United States.
  • The largest parking database nationwide.
  • Book your free place in advance.
  • Save time and avoid stress going around.
  • Step-by-step navigation to your car park.
  • Alerts about parking meters about to expire.

In addition, the app is also available in other countries (Canada, Mexico, the U.K., etc.). Without a doubt, an application that was designed to make life easier for drivers.


ParkHouston – The app to find and pay for parking in Houston, TX

For Houston residents, ParkHouston has become the go-to parking app in the city. With 3.8 stars in the Play Store, this app allows you to locate free and paid options according to your needs.

How does ParkHouston work?

Its search function shows available locations in real-time and uses GPS to guide the driver to public places. In addition, it allows you to pay through the app and receive notifications before the parking time expires.

It also shows on an interactive map the location of streets and areas in Houston where parking is entirely free. When selecting a free zone, the app provides details such as:

  • Exact location using GPS.
  • The time limit allowed.
  • Hours when parking is free.
  • Regulations and restrictions.
  • Tips and instructions from the city.

You can also use ParkHouston to pay for metered parking from your phone without needing coins. Likewise, if you find it convenient, you can book and pay for parking in a specific area and as you wish. 

ParkHouston Benefits

Some of the pros that the app brings  are:

  • Find fast where to park for free in Houston.
  • Avoid fines with time-out notices.
  • Pay parking meters from the app without coins.
  • Remove parking tickets using the app.
  • Street disabling notifications. 
  • Interactive map of the city in real-time.
  • 24/7 customer service via phone.
  • For Houston residents, ParkHouston is the easiest way to find free or paid parking in the town. 

Are you traveling, or do you need to park close to home? Well, these apps are an excellent tool to find and book free places when you need them. Feel relieved that you don’t have to search and circle because finding free parking has never been easier.


Do you already know how to find free parking?

We hope you find this helpful information and make the most of it on your travels or shopping. We invite you to read more content from our blog, with which you will learn about exciting topics, news, apps, and more.


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