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Whether you are studying the electrical field or an electrician looking to up his expertise, having a handbook can do a lot of good for you. However, you don’t need to buy anything when you have a smartphone. There is an app that serves as a free electricity course for electricians and teaches all they need to know.

So, we, at Insiderbits, are going to review this app, show you its pros and cons, and how you can start using it.

Electricians’ Handbook: App Overview


The Electricians’ Handbook app is created to be a go-to solution for all those who want to know more about the electrical field and have a handy guidebook they can refer to anytime.

As a free electricity course, it starts with the fundamentals and teaches you the meaning of various crucial components of the trade – voltage, current, resistance, difference between voltage and emf, etc.

However, that’s only the beginning. It also has a calculator to quantify various electrical units, a unit converter, safety precaution guidance, a list of tools an electrician needs, and much more. You can even test your knowledge by going into its quiz section.

All this is completely free of cost. However, you do have an option of buying its PRO app which removes all ads and gives you more features at a one-time payment of $3.99.


Electricians’ Handbook App: Pros and Cons


  1. A well-thought-out course – It is commendable that the developers of the Electricians’ Handbook app have thought through the needs of an electrician and checked many of them.
  1. Handy tools – More than just the theory, it also has built-in calculators and converters which makes it easy for students and electricians to find/convert various units.
  1. Completely free – The Electricians’ Handbook app is totally free to use and monetizes itself using ads to earn money. Thus, it is a good value you get without paying a dime.


  1. No video learning – Even though it does a good job in compiling a free electricity course, it could have done better if it had a mix of theory and videos for more comprehensive learning.
  1. Too many ads – Get ready to be frequently interrupted by an ad. But that’s the price you pay using a free app. However, you can buy its PRO app which is ad-free.

How to Download This App and Start Taking the Course

Step 1: Click on the below link to go to the Google Play Store and download the Electricians’ Handbook app

Download Electricians’ Handbook (Android)

Download Electricians’ Handbook PRO (Android)

Step 1: Click on the app to go to its homepage. No signup/login is required.

Step 2: You may start with learning the fundamentals of the electrical field.

Free electricity course

Step 3: To calculate various units, go to “Calculators”.

Free electricity course

Step 4: Try other features such as Converters, Formulae, Installations, etc.

Step 5: Take the quiz to check your knowledge. You can try any test set. Each set consists of 20 MCQs with a duration of 10 minutes.

Free electricity course

Step 6: Keep learning.

Learn More With These Apps

Do you want more such apps to take your learning to an even higher level? Then try these apps along with the Electricians’ Handbook app.

  1. EveryCircuit – It is built to help you understand how electrical circuits work using visuals and animations. 
  1. ElectroBox – It is similar to the Electricians’ Handbook app. ElectroBox provides a reference book and electronics calculators for electricians and students
  1. VoltLab – VoltLab is another app where you can experiment with electrical circuits and learn how they work.


Overall, we believe, the Electricians’ Handbook app does well what it was intended to – be a handy guidebook for electricians and students. Yes, improvements can be made to make it better but, in the end, it’s free. 


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