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Bally Sports is a widespread application to enjoy live matches. But with so many competing options, how does it compare? Keep reading! At Insiderbits, we conduct an exhaustive review so you know it.

Bally Sports – Its interface and navigation

The user interface has a modern, clean, and intuitive design for easy navigation. The home screen shows the live broadcasts along with the upcoming match schedule. Although the user experience when browsing the app is generally positive, there are opportunities for improvement.


• The bottom menu provides direct access between different sections such as Matches, Teams, On Demand, News, Featured Videos, and more. Navigation between screens and menus is fluid, allowing quick access to the action.

• Within each live stream, users can choose from multiple cameras, instant replay, and real-time statistics. Likewise, audio settings allow a more immersive experience. These possibilities help tailor the practice according to liking.

Overall, the app is easy to use for both casual fans who want to enjoy the games and more hardcore fans looking for a more profound experience. Alternatively, the learning curve of the app is minimal.

Sports selection and coverage of this tool

Bally Sports has a significant benefit that sets it apart from other options: the exclusive rights to broadcast games from the MLB, NBA, NHL, and more. Enthusiasts can closely follow the action of their local professional teams without needing a cable subscription.

There is also limited availability of college events, especially football and basketball. Popular colleges like LSU, Florida State, Gonzaga, and more are included.

However, this tool does not have agreements with all major sports leagues. For example, it does not broadcast NFL, MLS, or international sports games. His focus is on the significant professional associations in the US.

An important aspect is that coverage is regional. Users enjoy games from teams in their local market but not from other cities. This is perfect for supporters who want to follow their city franchises. But it limits flexibility for fans with multiple preferred teams.

Android & iOS

Video and streaming quality

Without a doubt, streaming quality is a highlight of the app. Matches look smooth in 1080p high definition without significant lag. The frame rate is consistent, which results in smooth and clear video.

Even with unstable internet connections, streaming stays clear on TVs and mobile devices. Precision audio and video synchronization enhances the excitement of gaming. There are no delays to ruin the moment.

This reliability allows users to enjoy the action from anywhere without worries of stuttering, pixelation, or freezing. It’s a plus for fans who travel or don’t have access to cable broadcasts.

Features and Capabilities

Compared to rival apps, Bally Sports falls a little short in terms of functionality. For example, there is no ability to watch multiple streams at once. Likewise, it does not have the function of changing the audio to a different game using a “Multiview” function.

There are also not many social features to connect with other fans, make predictions, comment on matches in real-time, etc. Advanced game statistics and data are limited.

Options such as pausing the game, instant playback, and slow motion are available during broadcasts. But competitors like ESPN and MLB TV have a more robust feature set and customization options.

Restrictions and limitations

While the app is robust when it comes to streaming, users should consider some crucial limitations. As mentioned, content can only be viewed within the team’s local market.

It is not possible to access programming from other cities outside your region. This represents a disadvantage for fans who follow teams from multiple towns. It also limits the content available.

Additionally, the on-demand library is limited compared to apps like ESPN. Not all games are available to view replays or highlights after the live event. The retroactive catalog could be more extensive.

User experience

The application registration and configuration process is simple and intuitive. During games, the pause, instant replay, and slow-motion tools almost always work flawlessly. The controls for switching cameras and audio are good.

However, the search functionality could be more advanced. For example, there are no options to search by specific player. Additionally, filters and sorting are limited when browsing the library on demand.

Customer service

Bally Sports customer support gets mixed ratings from users. They have several ways to seek help, including live chat, email, and an FAQ section. Customer service staff help resolve issues related to streaming, billing, and app usage.

However, wait times for help can be long, primarily via chat, which sometimes exceeds 20 minutes. This causes frustration for users with urgent issues who are hoping for a more satisfying experience.

Comparisons with cable TV

Have you wondered if it is better to enjoy your beloved sports on cable or if it is the same as using a streaming app? There are advantages and disadvantages:

• Among its advantages: it offers cheaper prices. Flexibility to view on mobile devices anywhere. No installation of equipment or decoders is required. Lastly, you can pause matches and watch replays on demand.

• Likewise, its disadvantages: it has more limited coverage. Content restrictions are based on the regional market. Also, the image quality is lower than HD cable.

In short, convenience and mobility are better with it, but cable TV offers more content, channels, and better resolution. It depends on the needs and preferences of each fan.

Price Analysis

Subscription plans range from $19.99 to $29.99 monthly. This represents a significant savings compared to cable TV packages that can cost $80 or more.

Other streaming services such as NBA League Pass ($14.99/month) or MLB.TV ($24.99/month). Prices are competitive, considering the amount of content available.

The $189.99 annual option is also attractive to committed fans. Overall, Bally Sports delivers a lot of value for the monthly price, especially for those who do not use cable TV.

Look at trends

The tool has reportedly seen a 10% decline in subscribers in the last quarter. Furthermore, according to a report by Cord Cutters News, the sports streaming platform only has 203,000 subscribers.

Overall, it appears that the app has not attracted as many subscribers as expected. However, the company offers a 7-day free trial and has discounts and promotions on the annual plan.

Of course, this may change in the future. It is not that many years old since it came on the market. It launched in March 2021. It’s all a matter of the technical team improving the current flaws of the streaming service.

Multi-device experience

Bally Sports offers the substantial benefit of a seamless cross-platform experience. The application is not only on Android. Likewise, users can enjoy the sport from:

Tablets like Galaxy Tabs.

• Smart TVs.

• Streaming devices such as Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV.

• Game consoles such as PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

This multi-device versatility is essential for fans who enjoy watching games live from different devices, depending on where they are. How about?

What to know about the download and installation

Downloading it is a quick and easy process. The app is on the Play Store. Just follow these steps:

• head to the Google Play Store and search for “Bally Sports.” The official icon is the logo on a red background.

• Tap the “Install” button. The download size is around 10 MB. In a few minutes, you can register and start using it.

The next step is to create a new account by entering your personal and billing information. It offers flexibility with monthly or annual subscription options. Once you complete registration, you can access live matches, on-demand content, and more.

Android & iOS

Comparison with the competition

Although it is a solid platform, it is worth comparing it to some alternative apps for sports streaming. Please note the following:


ESPN’s offering has one of the most extensive libraries of on-demand content. It covers a wider variety of international sports and has advanced social features. Its disadvantage is that it does not have many live-streaming rights for major leagues.

NBA League Pass

As its name indicates, this application is focused on the NBA. It offers access to all out-of-market games and a robust feature set for basketball fans. However, its usefulness is limited for followers of other sports.


It’s similar to NBA League Pass but for baseball fans. All the live and on-demand content a fan could want with advanced analytics. Its limitation is that it is explicitly focused on the MLB.


It works more like a replacement for traditional cable streaming various sports channels. Its advantage is the flexibility of watching different sports in one place. But the monthly price is higher in comparison.

Advantages of Bally Sports

Some of the advantages of this app are:

• Broadcasts of local games in HD without the need for cable.

• On-demand content from your favorite teams.

• Library of sports programs and documentaries.

• Available on multiple devices and platforms.

• Competitive price compared to traditional cable.

• Offers a seven-day free trial.


The disadvantages to take into account are:

• Coverage is limited to specific sports and regional markets.

• Fewer features and capabilities than specialized applications.

• Restrictions on viewing content outside the local market.

• Does not have global content, only from the United States.

Tips and tricks

Do you want to opt for Bally Sports as your main sports streaming app? Take a look at some recommendations to get the most out of it:

• Watching games in the best quality possible should be a top priority. Always use a stable WiFi connection instead of mobile data. If possible, cast directly to your TV via Chromecast or HDMI for the whole big-screen experience.

• Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed and update your device software when new versions are available. Keeping everything up to date will improve streaming performance.

Customize your profile and settings according to your favorite teams and sports. This will allow you to quickly access schedules, news, and featured videos recommended for you.

• Frequently review the schedule and set alerts so you never miss when your equipment goes into action. With these tips, you’ll be ready to enjoy Bally Sports to the fullest.

It is an excellent option to follow your favorite teams. It fulfills its role well as a sports streaming service. More demanding fans or those who follow multiple sports/markets may prefer platforms with more flexibility and advanced features.

But within its specific category, The app offers quality at a reasonable price. As in everything, only by testing the app will you know if it meets your expectations or if you prefer another streaming platform.

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