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Do you want to archive your video on a secure storage platform? You have come to the right place. At Insiderbits, we can help you. We will present you with an app capable of collecting information quickly and securely in a private cloud. If you want to learn more about this tool, you can’t stop reading our post!

Learn about the PikPak secure video storage platform

Without further ado, we will present you with one of the best storage apps in the Google Play store. It is Pikpak-Safe Cloud. It is a mobile application designed to protect an important video or file. With this app, you will avoid the loss of information in case of damage or loss of the device.


Pikpak-Safe Cloud provides an intuitive user interface that easily facilitates adding, deleting, or managing files. It has secure storage, with military-grade encryption, verifying that your files and information are safe from prying eyes.

Pikpak-Safe Cloud Features

Pikpak-Safe Cloud uses secure storage technology to prevent file loss. Thus saving all your data conveniently. Among its most notable features are the following:

•  10 TB of cloud storage.

•  Powerful Telegram Bot. Perform one-click forwarding to save files and links from Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Telegram, and more.

•  Acceleration technology to quickly save all files via cloud transfer.

•  Login with your Google or Facebook account.

Finally, it has support for online photo preview and video playback. You can even manage files by creating folders.

How do I download Pikpak-Safe Cloud?

To download the app, go to Google Play and type in the search bar Pikpak-Safe Cloud. After that, follow these steps:

1. Click “Download”. The download will start immediately, and after a few seconds, you can see the icon on your Android screen.

2. Enter the application. After entering, wait a few seconds. It will take you to another screen.

Finally, enter your TDC data (if you have one) to purchase the Premium service. Then, access the main screen to use the tool.


How do I use Pikpak-Safe Cloud?

Without a doubt, PikPak uses cutting-edge technology to store your data securely. However, to start your backups, you need to learn how to use them. Below we leave you step by step:

1. Start the app.

2. Press the plus button (located at the top right).

3. Select the “Upload file” option

4. The library will immediately open, and you will see all your documents.

Finally, select the files you want to upload. They will be added quickly. If you wish to view it, click on the document. To see the rest of the files you uploaded, swipe down.

Reasons to store your documents in the cloud

A private cloud allows you to share your files with other users without taking up storage space on physical devices. Likewise, you can make backup copies to preserve important information and recover them later without complications. Other advantages of storing your files in the cloud are the following:

•  You do not require expensive infrastructure.

•  You only need to have an internet connection to access your files.

•  It is synchronized and updated on all the cloud devices you access.

Lastly, it facilitates the exchange of information. In addition, if you need to access your data simultaneously, you can do so without attenuating any tasks in progress. If another user is accessing the cloud, it does not affect what you are doing within it.

Pikpak-Safe Cloud – a safe tool

The secure storage app we have presented allows you to archive documents in a safe location outside of your device. This method is highly convenient and indispensable.

We assure you that once you start doing this, returning to the original storage methods will be impossible. What are you waiting for? Try this app and protect your information against possible losses.


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