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Looking for a budgeting app to assist you master your finances? You have come to the right place! At Insiderbits, we will present a tool to help you do it quickly and easily. Do not miss it!

Master your finances with Rocket Money

You don’t need to be an economics expert to organize your finances. Today, many people have overcome crises by managing their finances well. Without a doubt, over the years, new ways have emerged to manage money successfully.


One of them is the Rocket Money budgeting app. It is an expense-tracking tool that helps you appropriately plan and regulate your budget and debts. To maintain a balance between cash and credits on a personal but also on family level.

This way, you will cover your requirements and save and grow your family assets. Without a doubt, Rocket Money helps you in these circumstances since it is a financial tool that gives diverse options.

Rocket Money characteristics

Managing your finances will no longer be a solitary task with its assistance. You’ll be able to make informed decisions and take control of your monetary future. You will save more, spend less, see everything, and so on.

Control of your subscriptions. Using this tool to master your assets, you won’t pay for a subscription you don’t want. Since it will instantly find and track your subscriptions. You can also track your subscriptions easily. It has a unique list, so you know what you are paying.

Amount of invoices in real-time. You will know your debts in real time and pay your bills on time, thus avoiding additional charges for late payments and overdrafts.

Automated methods for subscriptions. The expense tracking resource will automatically cancel your subscriptions, allowing you to save time and hassle by canceling services in person.

Its latest features are that it is intuitive and has solid functionality. It has a striking service interface for its offers. It even gives you complete visibility and control over everything.

Premium Features

We recommend purchasing the Premium version to access everything Rocket Money has for you. This way, you will have access to all the functions detailed below:

Law hearing. The bill negotiation service is another Premium feature of Rocket Money. They will contact significant cable and cell phone providers on your behalf to negotiate better rates. The process consists of 4 steps and leads to successful invoice negotiations in up to 85% of cases:

Selection of an invoice. You can select the invoice you want Rocket Money to negotiate for you.

Linking your invoice. By entering your credentials or uploading an image of your monthly receipt, you can add your bill to your Rocket Money account.

Enter your trading preferences. It includes private information and your desire to sacrifice features to save money.

Consultation of the payment method and amount. Another critical aspect of Rocket Money is that it charges 30% to 60% of your savings during the first year of the renegotiated bill. It will all depend on how much your bill is reduced.

Finally, it has an intelligent savings account function. You can use this budgeting app to automatically transfer money to a savings account using artificial intelligence (AI). This way, you will gradually reach your savings goals. It is similar to microsavings applications.

Other functions

But the features of this tool that will help you master your finances do not end here. That’s how it is! It has much more to offer you. Here are more features:

Unlimited budgets. You’ll enjoy the ability to create as many personal spending plans as you want. In addition to changing the default budget categories to adapt them to your needs.

Balance synchronization in real-time. You have to link your accounts to the application to see your different balances, and you will get continuous synchronizations. However, you will get real-time balance updates if you are a Premium member.

Credit monitoring. You’ll see your credit score for free and receive instant alerts when it changes.

Finally, it has free refunds. The app also works on your behalf to get refunds through its concierge service. Plus, premium customer service. You’ll get help faster and connect with customer service agents through the app’s live chat.

How do I enjoy Rocket Money?

Since its launch, Rocket Money has saved over 3.4 million users, which is around $245 million. Its mission is to train people to control their amounts of money and, therefore, live their financial lives better. To enjoy this app with premium features, you must follow the following steps:

• Enter the official Rocket Money website.

• Click on sign up in the “The money app that works for you” section.

Finally, complete the information (Full name and email), accept the “Terms and Conditions” of the platform, and click on “Get started”. It immediately sends you to another page where you must create an 8-digit secure password. Create it and follow the instructions.

Take advantage of Rocket Money’s features.

What are you waiting for? That’s more than $490 million in canceled subscriptions and more than 5 million happy members. Download the budgeting app that will help you master your funds and allow you to save much more.


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