Here is an App to Create a Drawing Version of Yourself

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Ever wondered how you will look as a cartoon character? Or how about a drawing form of yourself? Well, you don’t need to imagine as you can do all these using this app to create a drawing version we, at Insiderbits, are going to review here: ToonArt.

ToonArt is available in both – Android and iOS – for you to try. Read on to find out all about this app, its pros and cons, and steps to toon yourself. 


ToonArt: App Overview and Features


The ToonArt app is all you need to create your stunning avatars, cartoons, emojis, and caricatures. It has plenty of cartoon styles with each one having further filters in it. So you are bound to create an avatar of yourself that you will love.

It is loaded with AI technology which makes it quick and super easy to use the app. Here are some of its features:

  1. 100+ background options
  2. All trending toon effects
  3. Turn your images into artistic drawings
  4. 100+ unique caricature filters
  5. Create avatar profile pictures

ToonArt works on a freemium model where most of its basic services are free. However, you have to pay a weekly subscription fee of $4.99 for its pro features.

ToonArt: Pros and Cons


  1. Comprehensive amount of filters – It has hundreds of filters and effects which is more than you will ever need to create your drawing or cartoon.
  1. Quick and easy – It doesn’t take more than a minute to turn your photo into a cartoon as I show you in the next section on how to use it.


  1. Too many ads – Of course. If you are a free member, you are bound to be shown a lot of ads while using the ToonArt app. However, I personally experienced that I was shown an advertisement before everything I tried to do.
  1. High pricing – $4.99 a week is way too high a price for what it has to offer. But, thankfully, our purpose for turning our photo into a drawing is well served even as a free member.
  1. Some filters were poor – When I was using this app, I found that some of the filters were not so good. I mean there the cartoon was almost unrecognizable from the original picture. Here is an example:

How to Download ToonArt and Create Your Free Drawing Version

Step 1: Click on any of the below links to download the ToonArt app.

Download ToonArt app (Android)

Download ToonArt app (iOS)

Step 2: Open the app and select the filter you want to try. It will then ask you to allow access to your gallery.

Step 3: Adjust the photo into the frame and tap on the tick mark.

app to create a drawing version

Step 4: Now your image is turned into a cartoon. You can also try various filters at the bottom. 

app to create a drawing version

Step 5: (Optional) Toggle on the “Mini-image” to show the original photo at the bottom.

app to create a drawing version

Step 6: Click “Save” to add the photo to your gallery.

Step 7: (Optional) On the next screen you can share the image on social media profiles or subscribe to its pro features to remove the watermark and more.


ToonArt is a powerful and fun app that lets you create amazing cartoon versions of yourself and your friends. You can choose from over 100 filters inspired by anime, caricature, or Pixar, and customize your avatar with awesome backgrounds and layouts.

ToonArt uses AI technology to transform your photos into artistic paintings and sketches in seconds. You can also use the selfie camera to take hilarious animated pictures and share them on social media. ToonArt is more than just a photo editor, it is a cartoon maker that unleashes your creativity and imagination.

Whether you want to make a cute avatoon, a funny caricature, or a stunning portrait, ToonArt has it all. Download ToonArt today and discover the astonishing world of cartoon art!


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