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Clicking pictures is great. But what’s even better is seeing your pics from various points of view. For example, ever imagined your portrait displayed in New York’s famous Times Square? Well, that’s not hard to do if you have PhotoFunia app. 

PhotoFunia app has numerous built-in effects and filters that turn your fantasies into photos. How exactly? That’s what we, at Insiderbits, are going to show you with our review of PhotoFunia.

PhotoFunia: App Overview and Features


PhotoFunia is created to make photos fun with effects and filters. So, if you have, let’s say, a portrait and want to make it more special, PhotoFunia makes it just a matter of seconds with its numerous effects.

Here are some of its most popular effects: 

  1. Morning Paper – Find yourself in an article in a morning newspaper.
  1. Golden Coin – Create a custom gold coin with your picture and writing engraved.
  1. Sketch Practicing – Transform your photo into an artistic sketch.
  1. Melbourne Gallery – Feature your photo in the Melbourne gallery.
  1. Smoke Flare – Use a flare with colorful smoke to create an illusion.

This is just the beginning as PhotoFunia has many more such effects. Now, we will look at where this app excels and where it lags.


PhotoFunia: Pros and Cons


  1. Completely free – PhotoFunia charges you nothing in exchange for sparkling your photos with its awesome effects. However, it does show you display ads to monetize itself.
  1. Easy to use – As we will show you in the next section, it is straightforward for anyone to use. All it takes is just a few steps and you are done.
  1. A lot of effects – PhotoFunia has no shortage of amazing photo effects and filters. Thus, it will definitely fulfill your inner photo fantasies.
  1. Nicely designed and convenient – We found PhotoFunia to be convenient as it allows you to save your favorite effects so you can save them to use again in the future. It also has categorized effects which makes it much easier to find them.


  1. Isn’t a complete photo-editing app – Keeping effects and photos aside, it has nothing much to offer you else. Thus, PhotoFunia can’t yet replace photo-editing apps.

As we said earlier, the PhotoFunia app is easy to use. So now, let’s see how you can download it and have fun with its effects.

How to Download the PhotoFunia App and Start Using it

Step 1: Click on any of the links below to go to the Play Store/App Store and download the PhotoFunia app.

Download PhotoFunia app (Android)

Download PhotoFunia app (iOS)

Step 2: Select the effect you want to try. For example, we have picked the “Autumn Leaf.”

PhotoFunia app

Step 3: This effect is about displaying a picture in a book with an autumn leaf. Click on “Select Photo” to pick any photo from your gallery or click a new one using the camera.

PhotoFunia app

Step 4: (Optional) After you are done choosing your photo, this effect asks you to write bookmark text and select the color palette for your chosen picture. For instance, picking a black palette will turn your picture blackish. By default, it will show the original image.

PhotoFunia app

Step 5: Now tap on “OK” at the top right. With that, it will process your image for your desired image.

Step 6: Voila! Your image is ready. Now, you can download or share it with others.

PhotoFunia app

Note: Steps for each effect will vary slightly.

So, are you ready to have fun with the PhotoFunia app? Then download it now. It is absolutely free to use and has lots of photo effects for you to try. Overall, we found it to be quite good and convenient.


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