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Would you like to show your personality on social networks? The Dollify app is a tool to create unique avatars and share them in your networks quickly and easily.

We like to show who we are, and if that means having fun with friends and family, all the better. Select your clothes, eye color, beard color, and other things. Come together with Insiderbits. We tell you how to do it.


Dollify app – To be yourself


This fun Dollify app puts at your disposal an infinite number of features so that you can build your impressive and original avatar. These are virtual figures that you will create from an empty model. You will become a virtual sculptor, and that’s where the fun begins.

It will be the figure that will represent you in your networks, and you can design it by giving it that touch that will distinguish you. You have to go to Google Play and download it. Is free.

How does it work

Save time making your avatars with which you will surprise your friends. There are several categories to choose from, many elements, colors, and combinations:

  • Download. Enter Google Play, search for the app and proceed to download it.
  • Starts. Once downloaded, you can open it. The first thing is to choose the gender of your avatar.
  • Personalize. Is your skin dark? Perhaps white? It doesn’t matter. Put the tone you want. Are your eyes brown? Some colors go with your personality that you can combine with your hair color and eyelash styles. Then browse the accessories gallery and add the finishing touch.
  • Save. After creating your avatar, you save it and then share it. Later you can modify it.

Creating your avatar is quite simple.

How to customize

This fun Dollify app has basic, varied, fun templates to create a good avatar that defines your personality. There is a premium version with a wider variety of styles, but you can make the most of this free one.

Step by Step

When you open the application, the first thing you will see will be an empty figure of an avatar and, in the center, the “+” sign. In its lower part, the word ‘New.’ There you will click, and then two avatars will appear, male and female. You will give color to the skin by selecting from among 15 different options.

For the eyes, there are 20 different colors. Once the eyes and your hairstyle are selected comes the outfit. You have various colors and designs to dress your double. Next, you will add your favorite accessories so that it has style. 

Background to your liking

Once the edition is finished, it is time to put the background as a frame for your avatar. The filters that are incorporated will be beneficial. This way, it will be ready to go to your networks and represent you in the virtual world. When you’re done, name it and take it to the gallery.

What options do you have

There is no variation between genders. The difference will be in the details of the face, such as the eyelashes or the type of hairstyle. If, in the end, you are not satisfied, you can reverse the process and edit it or delete it permanently. It is good to note that the free version shows the avatar with a watermark.

Premium version

If you want even more variety, you can request the Premium option in the ‘Get Premium’ button for only $6.99. This option has no watermark and displays all the features not to mention that you can create unlimited avatars. From Insiderbits, we can assure you that the possibilities are endless.


You might find some matches in other avatar-maker apps, but Dollify app stands out for the following:

  • The comfort. The Dollify application is really intuitive and very easy to use.
  • Necessary. In the free version, you will find what you need when designing your avatar.
  • The bust. The finished avatar will only show the top, so you will never see a full-body figure.
  • Personalization. You will design your avatar according to your perception, tastes, or mind.
  • Versatile. Even using the basic version, you can create unique avatars with nothing to envy to those of the Premium app.
  • The details. If you want to add variety to your face, you can do it. Details make the difference.
  • No advertising. Pop-up ads make many uncomfortable and do not exist in the free version.

The features of the app are outstanding. Therefore, Insiderbits recommends it.

To create!

When you download your Dollify app, you will have a tool with which you will significantly enrich your social networks. It is an excellent opportunity for your alter ego to gain followers.


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