Decibel Apps: Measuring decibels on iPhone

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Did you know you can know how many decibels your iPhone has using decibel apps? Noise can be annoying and harmful to your ears if exposed for a long time. But what can you do to determine if the sound level is high enough to affect your hearing? At Insiderbits, we will give you the answer.

Remember that an intensity exceeding 120 dB can instantly damage your ears. Luckily, we can measure stridency without needing special apparatus. Next, we will present you with decibel apps.

Decibel Apps on iPhone


A decibel meter has a leading indicator that shows the sound volume value in real-time with brief information about it. In addition, it has a screen that allows you to calibrate the dB.

Listening to music at total capacity with headphones on your iPhone is as harmful as being exposed to environmental noises for a long time. Opportunely, we are able to verify the dB level on your phone. Enable this feature.

Features of Decibel Meter (Sound Meter)

Decibel Meter (Sound Meter) detects all the sounds around your mobile device. The tool includes a graph under the leading indicator where you can verify the variations of the records. From Insiderbits, we will tell you about it:

  • It indicates the sound reference in real-time.
  • It presents the value of the decibels in the minimum/average/maximum range.
  • Besides, it displays the decibels through a graphic line.

This meter detects the volume level using a built-in microphone and stores the history of all its registrations. Likewise, the software contains established parameters that indicate the general characteristics of the detected noise.

Steps to download the tool

It uses a Decibel App to calculate the sound force of the environment. Don’t expose yourself to intense sound without knowing the decibel level at any given time. This app has a rating of 4.5 out of five stars. To install it, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Open” the app.
  2. Then, press “Start”.
  3. Grant permissions to the microphone and click “Allow.”
  4. When You finish measuring the noise, click “Reset,” and that’s all!!

You may wonder, what is the importance of measuring environmental sound levels? At Insiderbits, we want to tell you that doing so will help you protect yourself from the noise and pollution surrounding you. Taking care of your hearing is synonymous with a healthy life!

Do apps to measure decibels work?

Tools to measure sound from your cell phone are helpful software for those who want to know the magnitude of outside noise. However, you should know that they have some limitations. They are less precise than professional measurement equipment, but they help you have a general appreciation of sound.

Mobile apps require the smartphone’s microphone, which may not be sensitive enough. On the other hand, microphones on professional devices are high-quality. Another factor that can affect the accuracy of an app’s measurement is the background noise of the cell phone itself.

We should note that equipment for professional use is regularly calibrated to guarantee its reliability and precision. On the contrary, mobile tools are not entirely accurate. Additionally, they have a limited dynamic range, making them unsuitable for measuring considerable noise.

Things you should know about noise pollution

Acoustic pollution is the presence of excessive and very annoying vibrations or noise in the environment. It is caused by human action and has become a critical issue for public health today due to the significant damage it causes to the community.

A person continuously exposed to sound, even low-level, will gradually experience hearing deterioration. The first thing he will feel is a constant hissing in his ears. If he does not pay attention, the injury can become irreparable.

According to the WHO, “noise pollution is the second cause of diseases caused by environmental reasons, after air pollution.” It negatively impacts people’s hearing, nervous system, and sleep.

Did you like the information?

We hope this data about measuring decibels on an iPhone has been helpful and clear. With a Decibel app, you can be aware of the noise level you are exposed to and, if necessary, introduce correctives into your routine.

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