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Whether you are an employee, employer, or self-employed, you may already have to calculate working hours to get paid or make payment adequately. In hindsight, that seems easy. But keeping track of working hours for a prolonged time? That can be a headache.

Thus, you need a proper system that helps you accurately keep track of the hours worked by you or your employees. Thankfully, there is an app that helps you do it using just your smartphone. Read on as we, at Insiderbits, will show you how it makes your life easier.

Payment Work Hours Calculator: App Overview and Features


Payment Work Hours Calculator is created to assist freelancers and employees to track their work hours and calculate salaries based on that. 

However, it is equally useful the other way around – for employers to calculate the work hours of their employees and pay them accordingly.

Thus, it is a comprehensive app to help you systematize the way you work by making it easy for you to track time entries, calculate payment, and create a work report. Let’s have a look at it closely.


  1. Time tracking – In this app, you can calculate working hours in two ways. Either by directly adding the number of hours you have worked using its built-in calculator or by inputting the start and end time of your work day.
  1. Payment calculator – Along with the work hours, it also has a field for the hourly wage to help you automatically determine the pending payment.
  1. Timesheet management – Not just calculation, it also helps you manage your timesheet by allowing you to save the track record of hours worked and payment you are about to receive. This aids you in staying organized in your job.
  1. Overtime tracking – Overtime and breaks are inevitable parts of a working day. So, this app also takes them into account when calculating your exact work hours.
  1. Reporting – With the saved timesheet, you can also download and export it into a neat PDF. So, when the payday comes, it is easier for both parties to agree on the hours worked and payment to be made.

Simply calculating work hours is free in the Payment Work Hours Calculator app. However, if you need more, it also has a premium version that allows you to manage higher complexities. So, if you subscribe to it, here is what you will get:

  1. Create different jobs, clients, and employees
  2. Watch no ads
  3. Export personalized PDF reports
  4. Support via email

Payment Work Hours Calculator: Pros and Cons


  1. Simple – One good thing about this app is that it focuses only on its prime purpose. Thus, it is not bloated with rarely useful features, preventing it from being unnecessarily complex.
  1. Allows you to manage multiple clients – As a freelancer or an employer, you may not be working with just one client. Keeping that in mind, you can create multiple work profiles dedicated to each client’s work.

This feature is only available for the premium users.


  1. Poor user interface – There is a huge room for improvement when it comes to its user interface. This takes a toll on your experience.
calculate working hours
  1. Complicated calculator – We found it to be a bit complex to calculate working hours using its calculator. However, trying it for some time will help you get used to it.

How to Download and Use This App to Calculate Working Hours

Step 1: Click on the below link to go to the Google Play Store and download the app.

Download Payment Work Hours Calculator (Android)

Step 2: Open the app, and you will be shown an introductory slideshow about what it can do. Press NEXT or SKIP.

Step 3: Now you are on its main page. The default unit in the calculator is minutes. But press ”:” to turn it into hours.

calculate working hours

Step 4: Press here to save your record.

calculate working hours

Step 5: Press here to manually enter the start and the end time of your workday.

calculate working hours

Step 6: Press here to see your timesheet and pending payment.

calculate working hours

Step 7: Press here to create a PDF report.

calculate working hours

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Overall, the Payment Work Hours Calculator app may still need to improve, but it is high on utility. It will make it much easier to calculate working hours and organize your job. So, do give it a try.


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