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VIX Cine y TV is an application to watch free movies and series in Spanish. Currently, it is considered, without a doubt, the most crucial streaming service with exclusive content in the world. It is due, in principle, to the fact that it offers more than 20,000 hours of programming. Thus, all its users can watch television for free and enjoy novelas, movies, series, and more.

For this and more, this entertainment alternative represents a unique option in which you will find, in one place, excellent national and international productions. It is a functional option that you can store without any inconvenience on your mobile device with the Android operating system.


What does the app offer all its users to watch VIX Cine and TV series?


If you still need to learn the functions offered by the VIX Cine y TV en Español app, don’t worry. At Insiderbits, we will explain everything about it. In particular, you should know that it is an entertainment space for all family members to watch free quality content of movies and series.

There are thousands of high-quality television, narrative, investigative, and dramatic project titles. It is a platform that has recently undergone a very satisfactory evolution and expansion worldwide.

Likewise, this platform to watch free television has improved and expanded its variety of programming. The app went on the market at the end of 2016, and since then, it has maintained a comprehensive, updated, and fresh catalog.

  • Provides direct access entirely free to watch movies, series, documentaries, concerts, and novelas online.
  • It has various themes and genres, such as drama, comedy, action, horror, and musical shows, and you can even enjoy cartoons.
  • Offers fewer ads compared to those broadcast on TV.
  • Provides a complete list of Spanish productions you can access without limitation.

The app is available for mobile devices, PCs, Roku devices, Android TVs, and more.

Advantages and disadvantages of the application

Undoubtedly, one of the best benefits of the application is that it does not require any subscription or registration to use it. You must download and open VIX Cine y TV to browse the wide range of programming.


The app works similarly to the interface of cable or subscription television. Only here you can watch free tv.

  • It is not necessary to provide, under any circumstances, personal or payment data to access the app’s content.
  • It is a legal, safe, accessible, and functional service in its web version and the downloadable application on Google Play.
  • In addition, it has online viewing agreements, ensuring the content is 100% virus-free.
  • The channels are available 24 hours.

It also has sections that make it easier for you to search for specific content. In other words, if you interrupt any programming, it will automatically appear in the “continue watching” section. Also, it allows marking your favorite programming with just a click on the star that appears in each production.


Like many other apps, VIX Cine y TV has no download function. It means that the broadcast content can only be enjoyed while you remain connected to a network with an Internet connection.

  • The videos and productions are available in their original aspect. It can often mean a problem since it occasionally prevents the image from occupying the entire screen.
  • In addition, some productions do not have high resolution, nor are they available in HD, which could make image clarity difficult.

Also, the app provides excellent advertising content. Paid advertising is essential to sustain this platform to watch free television.

Details of the application

The application VIX Cine y TV to watch series is lighter than many think. Its download size is only 69 MB.

  • A little more than 10 million downloads currently.
  • It was launched on the market on October 26, 2016.
  • It maintains the support of the company VIX Inc.

Important to note that Android 5.0 or later versions are required to download the application.

Step by step to download the application

To download the application to watch series and movies, enter the Google Play catalog from your Android mobile device and follow the instructions below.

1.    Write the word VIX Cine y TV in the Google Play search bar. When the icons are displayed, select the image of the app you are looking for

watch free TV

2.    Then, click on the section that says to install the app.

watch free TV

3.    Wait a few seconds while installing the app on your device’s internal storage.

4.    Press the “open” option to enjoy the programming.

watch free TV

You will immediately be able to view the exclusive content offered by the platform. On the home page, you will find suggestions of the programs most viewed by users. You will also see sections of movies and series that have just arrived on the platform.

Other aspects to take into account

The application interface is one of the outstanding features of VIX Cine y TV. It is due, in principle, to the fact that it is an easy-to-use app that is well-structured and divided into subcategories.

The channels are dedicated to a particular topic according to the specific genre. Here you can choose between series, novelas, documentaries, movies, kids’ channels, family, and more.

When you open the application, it starts directly on the homepage where the featured content is found. Then, slide across the screen to locate what you want to see.

The best movies and series that you will find in the application

The application to watch series and movies, VIX Cine y TV, is one of the best platforms for Spanish-speaking users. Since it has a proposal that includes content in Latin Spanish. At some point, you will find movies in their original version. In these cases, the programming will be subtitled in Spanish.

Although most of the series and movies on the platform are recent content, you will also find classic movies and novels that were popular at the time. The programming covers all tastes and all ages. Insiderbits shows you an example of what you can enjoy in the app.

  • Complete series. The Promise, Three Dogs.
  • Varied programs. Master Chef, Urban Food, Travel, Glam.
  • Novelas. Rafael O. El Ídolo, I met him late, Teresa, Abismo de pasión.
  • Films. The experiment, A Girl in Distress, Women’s Prison.

As you will see, the content is quite extensive and exciting. They have original documentaries, romantic comedies, anime series, and Mexican, Colombian, and Venezuelan novelas.

In general terms, the application VIX Cine y TV to watch series and movies is complete, entertaining, and fresh. This streaming service has exclusive content and a wide variety of programming and is ideal for watching free television. Best of all, the app doesn’t make any unnecessary updates to avoid hindering the user experience.

This information has been beneficial for you to enjoy interactive content for free. At Insiderbits, you will find quality content providing valuable information to discover programs and applications designed to make your day-to-day life easier.

Frequent questions

In which countries is this app available?

The app is available in over 20 countries worldwide, including the United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Venezuela, and Colombia.

On which devices can I open VIX Movies & TV?

It is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. In addition, the app has a version for web browsers.


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