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Are you interested in a face swap? With Remaker AI, you can do many of them. The platform offers multiple free tools that will allow you to exchange faces using AI. It is entertaining. Do you want to meet her? Please don’t stop reading us!

All about Remaker AI

Remaker AI is a page that offers free tools to change the face of your photo using AI. This portal is gaining popularity thanks to its free face swap tools (which we will tell you about later). Its operation is effortless. You have to do the following:

  • Visit the official website of Remaker AI.
  • Click on the face swap tool you like the most within the portal.
  • Load the original image and the target face separately.
  • Click the “Exchange” button.

Finally, wait a few seconds while the image is processed. The results will appear on the right-hand side. You can download them if you wish. This image will only be available for 24 hours, after which it will be deleted

We advise you to use high-resolution portraits for the best results. Also, try to make the faces visible and look towards the camera. It will help the algorithm detect faces better.

AI tools

The portal offers you different tools that are totally free and super simple. In the following lines, we will give you an explanation of each of them:

  • Face. It is a free tool for changing the face of a photograph. It allows you to swap heads and replace faces in photos. You have to use a base photo, then the picture of the face you want to place, and the portal will change it.
  • Multiple faces. You can modify all the faces that appear in the same photo. Exchange several of them in family photographs, weddings, and parties.
  • Video face. You can upload a video and change the face that appears. To do this, choose the video clip of your choice and upload the photograph of the face you want to put on it. This tool requires you to register and use credits. It is perfect for creating content for social networks.
  • Batch face: This allows you to change the face of 50 photographs in a single session. Upload the image you want to modify and then a photo of the face you want to add.

Finally, we have the AI Portrait, in which you can upload four photographs of yourself and use them to generate a profile photo with artificial intelligence.


One of the most notable features of the platform is that you can try it for free without creating an account. However, getting one will have more incredible benefits since you will get 30 credits. These will be used as tools for which they ask you for 1 to 2 credits to work. Among its other features are the following:

  • Generate art with AI. Its intuitive interface allows you to convert words into images quickly. The best thing about this section is that it has three ways to generate art. The first is to write the image description in the text box. The second option is to enter the “Message Generator” above the text box.

It will take you to the notices library. From there, you can create a message by selecting the attributes that you find available. The third option is to use the “AI Generation Message.” It will create descriptions of your portraits based on a short entry.

  • Iconography methods. It offers several options: realistic, anime, ink style, cartoon, SDXL, half trip, and Disney. The AI has fewer models than SeaArt AI, but it gives you enough options to create versatile results.

Lastly, there is the remaker. It supports the creation of portraits from images known as “Variations.”.

Pros and cons

This site is an incredible tool for swapping faces. Its final result is impressive. But just as it has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages, which we will show you below.:

• Easy to use and quick to learn.

• Delivers impressive face swap results.

• Provides three different options for swapping faces in videos and images.
• Uses one credit for each second of video, which may limit its usage.

• Offers a paid plan to enjoy unlimited credits.

Remaker AI to swap faces

The Remaker portal is a robust AI art generator and face swap tool. It is one of the safest ways to create aesthetically pleasing images. So, It is a good option if you are looking for an artificial intelligence tool to create art and have fun.

We hope the information we have provided you about this tool has been helpful. If you have little ones at home, we also have AI-based games for them. Visit us at Stonkstutors and read our article on Buddy.AI: A tutoring.


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